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2. - 4. 10. 2023 / 2nd to 4th October 2023

Guidelines for authors

The first two days of the conference will be devoted to the presentation and exchange of professional and scientific knowledge. The last day will be devoted to a series of professional workshops aiming to present good practices and knowledge transfer of the discussed topics.

You can actively participate in the conference with abstracts on the topics of this year’s conference:

  • Movement/sport activity of children
  • Motor skills during holistic child development
  • Biomechanical, physiological and health aspects of motor development of the child
  • Psychological, social and pedagogical aspects of motor development of the child
  • Developmental neuroscience: causes for interventions during development of children and adolescents
  • Systemic changes and new regulations in the field of organized exercise/sports activities for children and adolescents
  • Physical environment and influence on the motor development
  • Opportunities and pitfalls of distance learning
  • Balanced nutrition and holistic development
  • Necessary movement/sports activity of the child

Abstracts up to 450 words will be published in the digital book of abstracts.

Abstract for scientific contribution should be written in English (more detailed instructions here). Abstracts of scientific contributions are worth 3 points.

Abstract for professional contribution can be in Slovenian (more detailed instructions here). Presentation of full-paper is worth 4 points and its presentation lasts at least 20 minutes. Abstracts of professional contributions or papers are evaluated with 3 points and should present more complex new projects, ideas, innovative solutions and findings. The monitoring method and contribution to the profession should also be presented.

You can submit you contribution here: SUBMISSION button.

!!! NEW !!!

Authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to submit a complete paper which will be published in the scientific journal Annales kinesiologiae. The journal is listed in DOAJ (more on the website http://ojs.zrs-kp.si/index.php/AK)

Each participant can be the author or co-author of a maximum two contributions. Each contribution must be proofread and by registering, the author guarantees authorship. All contributions will be peer-reviewed before acceptance and authors will be asked for corrections if necessary. After the review process is completed, the reviewers will make a final decision on the contribution type and the topic section in which the abstract will be presented.

Only the abstracts of the authors who paid the registration fee will be publish in the digital book of abstracts.

Poster section due to low interest, the poster section will not be available this year.